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Why do you need PassageMobile to grow your business?


One of the greatest advantages of using Passagemobile for your business is that we provide more savings through lower operating costs. At Passagemobile we provide you with these features such as caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and three-way calling, for which most traditional phone providers would charge extra. 

Our technology offer your business the ability to be more mobile. As one of our users you can connect to our servers anytime and anywhere, you don’t need to worry about changing office we are still there for you.

See Passagemobile as a big advantage for your business even when you are on a journey we go with you.  

More Productivity for your business

Because Passagemobile allows for telephony virtually anywhere you can have access to a good internet connection, then your business will be more productive. Even your Employees and customers can multi-task without interruption and businesses can take the money they would normally spend on traditional phone services and use those funds for other purposes. 

You won’t need any service provider to connect with your customers or employees whenever you are not in the location of your business, you can just tap in once you’ve subscribed to Passagemobile. Even with PassageMobile, you can arrange a meeting between you and your employee when you travel out of the company and only keep your time to important meetings that have to do with face-to-face meetings.

PassageMobile offers you enhance voice clarity and most of your customers will be won’t know you are calling over the internet and won’t know the difference between the landline phone call and our internet service call.

At PassageMobile our systems give you and your business the best online call center and service, when working with us and had subscribed to Us. Your Business is in the fast lane of creating and generating higher revenue and also smooth and clear communication with your customers.

PassageMobile offers you more features than landline mobile

In all cases, PassageMobile offers more features than traditional telephone systems, which put the growth of your business in the best interest. Below are the benefits your business will be enjoyed whenever you Subscribe to PassageMobile, which will always boost the growth of your business

  • Fax capability
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • 411 Directory
  • Redial 

We also provide services such as call transfer capabilities, speed dialing, and SMS. The best part of this is that these are based on every subscription.

Affordable Fees

Another huge advantage with PassageMobile over traditional landline telephone services is the cost. PassageMobile offers you a low amount of fees out of your spending compared to the local service provider. 

Local phone network providers will just ruin your business budget by giving high prices but at PassageMobile we know the exact fee to keep up with your budget check our Plans. We are more flexible and affordable also efficient in dealing with your business.


PassageMobile gives your business the best plan to make your business grow, and help you communicate with your team with also your customers.

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