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Voice over IP, IP telephony VoIP technology isometric concept. Vector illustration.

What are Software-based phones (Softphone), how useful they are and how it helps your business grow

Voice over IP, IP telephony VoIP technology isometric concept.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and also with phone auto- respondents have their space and true value. Softphone over time has increased the availability of employees even with the employers while building a flexible communication between them.

Having a softphone client, employers and employers will no longer stress in being knot with their desktop just to receive an important call. No stress of waiting, they will just have to connect with one another and even with their customers no with one device but with multiple devices.

Softphone and it’s Usefulness

Getting to know what softphone is, well softphone is an application, web-based company, that offers a digital phone user interface, that allows you to make and receive calls through or over the internet, which is more ideal for the growth your business.

The user interfaces of softphones have a look-alike of the normal phones you use with a dial pad, and still, show more additional information of a caller identity. Most especially if you are a business mogul or a startup or business owner softphones have the functions of normal phones by showing the Caller’s identity (Name), Information, and history of the caller.

Below is a typical example of how a softphone application user interface looks like:

The Additional Functions of Softphone

In addition to calling functions, softphones allow users to access all other features included in their VoIP service package within a single dashboard. These features can include video conferencing, team messaging tools, and analytics of recent call activity.

Softphones have more functionalities apart from allowing you to make calls, you can also have more features in their service packages within a given dashboard you can view the analytics of your purchase.

The Softphone does not operate independently, it connects directly to our VoIP servers. This allows you to have access to your business phone and to your customers through your laptop, office computer through our desktop app, mobile phone, and tablet.

The best part of this you will be enjoying is that it cut out all expensive fees on phone calls and also purchase of hardware equipment, but create an increase in business to customers communication, employer to employee communication flexibility.

Passagemobile provides all softphone features as that is our main goal, expertise and focus are to grow your business with you to make you and your customers, employees have a better communication experience with low fees for all you care. And our service is compatible with any device name it Andriod, Mac, Microsoft, and iOS devices.

Through our servers and service, we are providing for the growth of your business, you can make calls from a variety of browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

How does it work (Softphone)

When making calls over a traditional landline phone, the sound wave is then transferred over a network that has a combination of switches and wires.

Our smartphones use the transmission of electrical signals sent by our voices through the phone towers we see using cellular data.

Talking about softphones, they operating using voice over internet protocol (VoIP), a wireless or high-speed internet connection with either a router or modem to make and receive calls. You will have to get a device with internet access or connection, microphone, and speaker.

All you need to do is download your VoIP provider’s softphone app onto the devices of your choice, follow basic setup instructions, and start making and receiving calls.

Note that softphones can connect to another device only when both the caller and receiver have a minimum of one codec in common and the same Voice over IP Protocols.

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