Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with PassageMobile

PassageMobile is a software Voice over IP Service that deliver commercial call services which enables small/medium enterprises to deal with their developing client base.
  • An intuitive web and mobile app to manage your phone service
  • Can make calls in any location
  • Make call transfers to your other employees
  • Available on Android & iPhones
  • Set business hours, and so forth.
Subscribers don’t have to buy any equipment, which implies you don’t need to stress over purchasing and keeping up IP telephones and Switches, pay for engineers to handle call routing or be limited by your area. This provides flexibility to access and run your business.

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You can use PassageMobile only in Nigeria.

No, PassageMobile is available to all Network Operators. In as much the number has been registered and it is currently operating.

No, only a single number is required for the registration. Subsequent numbers can be added at any anytime.

No, users can sign up, pay and register on the web page. After you have access to your dashboard, you can download the app and then sign in. However, users can also sign up directly to mobile app.

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Why do you need PassageMobile to grow your business?

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June 2022