The emergence of VOIP and why it better that traditional phone

I walked into an hotel some weeks ago and I was shocked to see them using a landline, I realised that a lot of people can’t be blamed for what they don’t know because you are ignorant of what you don’t know so that brought about this article. In this article I intend to explain the importance of voip. Voip is the acronym of voice over Internet protocol it can be simply be defined as calling over the Internet instead of using a local telephone company.

What is Voip

VoIP is a system put in  place to convert your voice right into a virtualsignal, permitting you to make a call directly without delay from a computer . It simply an Internet telephone service provider that makes use of voice over Internet protocol technology for placing and transmitting telephone over an IP network such as the Internet.

Why you should start using Voip instead  of voip

A lot of people now prefer making calls on apps like WhatsApp, viber, Skype, telegram because it easier and cheaper compared to traditional calls, they prefer to send emails to send messages that needs a fast reply because people find it easier to give a feedback easily because of some reasons which would be made known soon. Companies typically have different types of telecommunications systems depending on your budget and needs. Modern businesses use VoIP phones. Traditional businesses are still connected to landlines. Voip provides secure and inexpensive communication over the Internet. Landline operation is offline. Businesses using VOIP communications are more efficient than regular businesses for many reasons. Below we outline the benefits and explain whether the timing is right -based systems.

Portability of Service

Businesses are able to run their service from anywhere and serve their consumers from anywhere in the world at an easier and more comfortable rate.  It helps them to always be in contact with

It doesn’t matter where your salespeople are or whether your truckers are out and about. You can stream calls in real time to anyone in the office without using your personal smartphone. Traditional phone services cannot deliver the mobile responsiveness that VOIPs offer. When you are out of the office, all you can do is communicate with the various departments.If you need instant feedback, look for individual cell phone numbers, which not everyone appreciates.
There are some companies where frequent exchange of information is needed, a VOIP should be the only option. Your company’s productivity will increase, profits will increase, and you can improve the overall experience for your customers.

Lots of Feature

Traditional telephone systems tend to feel quite limiting when it comes to its properties. But that will not be the VoIP case! There are very different properties that you can choose. Some also have a virtual receptionist feature such as PassageMobile which has a function  of


The PassageMobile Virtual receptionist welcomes callers with a prerecorded message before directing the caller to the department they need to talk to.

For example, you can use the call queue, do not disturb(DND) and the recordings as well as telephone conferences. With an upper part of it, you will be supplied with additional security features that most phone companies do not disturb them an example of a voip provider with a DND is the voipbusiness  . It is also worth noting that a VoIP system is excellent if your business is growing. Expand your network of telephones easily as your needs change, even if your company works in different places.

Physical Damage

Most of the times we can’t control what happens and this is seen mostly in the case and traditional phones by the phone breaking most times. Phones break due to physical damage usually caused by the user dropping the phone. When this happens they are forced to buy a new phone, which can be quite expensive, but there are many better alternatives out there. VoIP are mostly softwares so by this you can avoid physical damage.

Consistent Client Interaction

A vacation overseas shouldn’t maintain you farfar from your customers. With an IP telecellsmartphone and the mobility it provides, you’ve got got a risk to live linked for your customers 24/7. You can ahead documents to them even as overseas, chat with them or even set up meetings. With right integrations, your customers will constantly have a person to speak to on the office. VOIPs make that viable through linking one range unique departments. If your consumer desires to speak for your finance department, they’ll constantly.
You can make a call to Nigeria while you are in U.S easily and at a cheaper rate.

Improving customer satisfaction isn’t just something small businesses are interested in. JP Morgan retired its voicemail services in 2015 while CocaCola did the same in December 2014. The world famous bank named the need to save money and eliminate unnecessary office equipment. $ 3.2 million in it. Vonage conducted a study in 2012 to find out whether customers prefer voice messaging or real-time communication with companies. According to their reports, there was an 8% preference for leaving voice messages on work phone numbers. Immediate communication, as made possible by VoIP systems.

Lower cost

If you have little or no understanding of VoIP technology, it may be difficult for you to see that it is more cost-effective than traditional telephone services. You don’t have to pay for international calls. This is because VoIP uses your internet connection and doesn’t rely on a landline network. Instead, your calls are made over a computer network. This not only saves you money, but also time. Additional Charges Most VoIP services do not incur any additional charges. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription. In some cases, companies may choose to offer special offers to customers who rely on VoIP services and want to invest in more advanced services. Functions such as conference calls.

Examples of VoIP softwares

The following are few examples  of voip softwares;


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